Green Roofs


All green roof systems are broadly captured under the umbrella of either Extensive or Intensive. However, as green roof technology continues to advance there are systems that have elements of both and they are referred to as Semi-Intensive.


Common drivers are to create or replace habitat for fauna and improve the aesthetic appearance of roof areas. Due to the shallow depth growing medium used, these systems are lightweight and have low maintenance requirements; plants typically selected are sedums, wildflowers and grasses that are adept at surviving harsh rooftop environment.

Terminology such as sedum roof, biodiverse roof and brown roof is often used to describe an extensive living roof system. Each system can be designed to achieve your personal requirements or wider local authority planning objectives.


Substrate depths typically range from 100mm – 250mm and can accommodate a diverse range of plants including ornamental grasses, shrubs and woody plants.  This green roof type is essentially a hybrid, often incorporating elements of Extensive & Intensive systems.


Intensive roofs can offer the same benefits of any traditional ground level domestic garden or recreational landscaping scheme. The roof will often be exposed to significant weight loading and must be designed to accommodate this. Loading range is typically 300kg/m2 – 650kg/m2 with point loading up to and in excess of 1500kg/m2 for large trees. Aftercare is paramount to ensure establishment and long-term sustainability.

Benefits of Green Roofs

Roof areas have the potential to bring innumerable benefits to an otherwise wasted space. By adapting our roofs to accommodate flora and amenity there are so many positive results that emerge, here are some examples;

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