Like any living thing, it is imperative that care is provided during infancy to ensure long-term health. Bearing this in mind, we recommend the implementation of a post installation maintenance regime.

Remedial work

Even after establishment is achieved, it is essential that most green roofs receive biannual visits. This is to ensure that the system installed remains healthy and performs as initially intended. During visits we typically remove invasive species and perform general remedial work.


In some instances, irrigation should be used to supplement natural rainfall to prevent adverse results. Generally, if the roof is on a gradient, exposed to high winds or installed in warmer periods we would always recommend irrigation.

Aftercare Packages

Urban Roofscapes offer full aftercare packages for our systems. We also provide maintenance for green roofs that have been installed by others. If you believe your roof is in need of maintenance, we would be happy to provide you with an assessment of your requirements.

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